Drawings by Cleveland’s most notorious serial killer are being offered for sale online.

Several items bearing Anthony Sowell’s signature, picture, and thumb print are listed on a so-called “murderabilia” website which a few years ago sold bags of soil removed from Sowell’s yard on Imperial Avenue.

“We are simply the messenger,” said Eric Gein of Serial Killers Ink, the website which is selling Sowell’s drawings, and which today published a letter from Sowell, in which the killer of 11 women defended his right to speak.

“I give out artwork to you and others all the time,” Sowell wrote to Gein, in a four-page letter posted on the website. “I’m not breaking any laws and I will keep sending out letters, artwork, and photos. I’m not being paid for them.”

The drawings sell for as much as $225. One of them features a grim reaper figure above 11 tombstones, some of which carry the letters RIP, while others have crosses.