Tyra Banks on Rob Evans: 'I am his boss, but not in the bedroom'

Supermodel Tyra Banks stopped by The Wendy Williams Show this morning to talk about the season finale of America’s Next Top Model, which airs tonight on The CW Network.

For several months there has been speculation that Banks has been dating Rob Evans, a male model and co-judge from America’s Next Top Model. But during her interview with Wendy, the 38-year-old diva set the record straight.

“I am his boss, but not in the bedroom,” Banks said of her relationship with Evans.

“I took Rob out to dinner when we very first started working on Top Model,” and that’s when all the rumors started. “They [tabloids] don’t say that my best friend with red hair was at the table with us,” Banks revealed.

She went on to describe her relationship with the 24-year-old British model as more of a sister-brother bond than something romantic.

“He is like my little brother. I am his sister… maybe he may have a crush on his sister, but he’s my little brother.”

Banks also weighed in on her upcoming TV project Fivehead, a series based on her youth, that she plans to co-produce with ABC.

Banks described the show as Everybody Hates Chris, meets Curb Your Enthusiasm, meets The Wonder Years.

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