'Basketball Wives' allegedly demanding a pay raise

theGRIO REPORT - 'Basketball Wives' cast members, including Shaunie O-Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketham are demanding a pay raise from VH1 or else...

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The cast of VH1’s  reality series Basketball Wives are demanding a pay raise. According to TMZ, BBW cast members including Shaunie O-Neal, Evelyn Lozada, Tami Roman and Suzie Ketham are in the process of renegotiating their contacts and all want major pay raises, claiming that “the show does quite well for the network.”

Last week, the ladies began filming the 5th season of Basketball Wives but allegedly are threatening to walk out next week unless properly compensated.

VH1 sources told TMZ that the network is refusing to pony up more cash. “Before filming started, execs made it clear that salary increases would not happen and if any cast member had a problem with that, they could be replaced,” sources revealed.

This is not first time there have been rumors about salary disputes on Basketball Wives.

Last year, Lozada allegedly threatened to leave the show if producers did not agree to pay her $20,000 an episode, as opposed the cast’s reported salary of $7,500 an episode.

During a recent interview, Roman, the cast member dubbed as a “bully” last season, revealed that season 5 of the Basketball Wives will be focused on family.

“This particular season we’re getting more into our families, the positive things we’re doing, creating a balance for the show. Last season was particularly hard for me because of the things we went through. It is reality TV and one moment that happens for 15 minutes is stretched out for 4 weeks of our lives.”

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