Lightweight boxer Adrien Broner was accompanied to the ring by rapper Kendrick Lamar Saturday night before his fight against fellow lightweight Antonio DeMarco.

After a little trouble with the mic, Lamar performed a single off his new album, to which Broner danced on his way to the ring.

After an eight round battle, Broner proved he was the better fighter when DeMarco’s corner waved the white towel, signaling a TKO.

This win takes Broner’s impeccable record to 25-0 with 21 KOs, while taking DeMarco’s record to 28-3-1 with 21 KOs.

Showing off his moves while entering the ring, it was only fitting that the Cincinnati native and new WBC lightweight champion dance his way back to his corner after the TKO.

Following the fight Broner commented: “I wanted to make a statement tonight and I did.”

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