Co-creator of 'Dark Girls' is back with new documentary, ‘The Black Line: A Profile of the African-American Woman’

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From Clutch Magazine: Much has been said, written, and discussed about black women the past few years. From how our education levels affect our marriage prospects to whether or not our hair plays into our fitness routines, black women have been at the center of the media’s attention.

In the midst of this focus, many black women and their allies have pushed back against the negative messages and have begun to craft their own stories. From Issa Rae and her groundbreaking show Awkward Black Girl to Shonda Rhimes and her hit ABC drama Scandal, black women are flipping the script and taking control of our images.

A new documentary, by acclaimed filmmaker D. Channsin Berry, aims to further the conversation about what it means to be a black woman in America.

In his new film, The Black Line: A Profile of the African-American Woman, Berry interviewed nearly 70 black women from different age groups and regions to get their perspective on everything from sex and health to education and religion.

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