'Friday UK' trailer release: Brits spoof 1995 comedy 'Friday'

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Friday, the 1995 comedic classic starring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, tells the tale of two friends in Los Angeles who need to find a way to come up with the $200 they owe a local dope dealer by the end of the day. Film producer Sebastian Thiel and Upshot TV have created a British spoof of Friday, entitled Friday UK.

The Friday UK creators have released a trailer, but say there is not a full length movie in coming the future.  Yet more trailers will be released every Friday if viewer response remains high.

Here is the Friday UK synopsis courtesy of IndieWire:

Craig has just been fired from his job on his day off only to find himself in even more of a pickle when Smokey gets threatened by the Angry Nigerian Dealer ‘Big Worm’. Craig & Smokey spend the day looking for ways to raise the money while dealing with the neighborhood bully, relationship troubles and a bunch of odd characters.

Friday UK stars Babatunde Aleshe in Ice Cube’s role of Craig Jones and Tolu Ogunmefun as Chris Tucker’s iconic character Smokey, alongside various other English and Nigerian actors.

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