Sean Bell with fiancee Nicole Paultre Bell

November 25th marked the six year anniversary of the shooting death of Sean Bell.

Mourners gathered in Jamaica, Queens to remember the 23-year-old who was killed by police on his wedding day.

Bell was out celebrating at his bachelor party with friends when they were stopped by undercover police after leaving a club.  The police officers opened fire on the car, unleashing 50 bullets, killing Bell and seriously injuring two others. Bell was unarmed.

William Bell, Sean’s father, told NY1: “Every day around the 25th it’s the same. It seems like it just happened.”  He continued: “It don’t go away that easy, you know, and that’s the sad thing about it. Every year around the same time it just like, it really gets to me.”

The NYPD officers involved in the shooting reportedly stopped the car because they believed Bell and his friends were going to take part in a drive-by shooting after an altercation that took place earlier that same evening.

Even though a judge acquitted the involved officers of any charges, they were forced to resign.

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