Swizz Beatz: I'm releasing singles, not albums

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Producer-rapper Swizz Beatz says he wants to release a series of singles — or “memorable moments” — instead of a follow-up album to 2007’s “One Man Band Man.” With the growing trend of top pop acts selling millions of singles, but falling flat in album sales, Beatz said releasing songs is the best route for him as a known artist.

“I think that it’s a better lane for me,” said Beatz, who has produced hits for Jay-Z, T.I., Beyonce and Drake. “I’m able to give the fans something to focus on that’s consistent instead of promoting this, promoting that.”

His current single, the high-energy party anthem “Everyday Birthday,” features Chris Brown and Ludacris. They performed it at the American Music Awards earlier this month and so far the song has peaked at No. 44 on Billboard’s R&B/Hip-Hop songs chart.

Though Beatz is focusing on singles, fans shouldn’t worry; he says he already has an entire album finished.

“I just don’t feel that the people want an album from me that bad, yet. But when they do, I can definitely put something together,” he said.

Beatz is still in the studio creating music for others. He said he’s working with Beyonce, Drake and Rick Ross, and will soon reunite with Nas and Jay-Z. He’s also a producer on wife Alicia Keys’ new album, “Girl on Fire,” out this week.

Keys, who has been mostly mum about their marriage, recently gushed to the press that Beatz and their 2-year-old son, Egypt, bring balance to her life.

“It’s a surprise because she’s so private about everything,” he said. “It’s great to see her open up a little bit and share some of that.”

Beatz, who has partnered with Reebok, Lotus Cars, Christian Louboutin and the New York Knicks, made headlines recently for alleged tax debt problems. While he brushed off commenting on reports in 2010, the entrepreneur acknowledges past problems, but denies reports of recent troubles.

“I work superhard for that not to be an issue,” he said. “When people look at me as a businessman, I’m involved with serious companies doing great things and you know, it’s just something that, you know, I can’t have going across these corporate desks.”


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