Former Attorney General Bill Baxley’s letter to the Ku Klux Klan goes viral

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Former Attorney General of Alabama Bill Baxley wrote a short and direct letter to the Ku Klux Klan back in 1976 after receiving a threatening letter of protest from white supremacist Edward R. Fields, according to Letters of Note.

In his letter, Baxley wrote, “Dear “Dr.” Fields, My response to your letter of February 19, 1976, is – kiss my a**.”

Baxley’s letter was in direct response to Field’s threats after Baxley reopened the 16th Street Church bombing case that involved a racially-motivated act of terrorism that resulted in the death of four African-Americans in 1963.

The initial investigation resulted in no action. Baxley’s commitment to seeking justice in the case attracted both hostility and anger among the KKK and its allies.

The following year, Robert “Dynamite Bob” Chambliss, a member of the United Klans of America, was found guilty of the murders and remained imprisoned until his death in 1985.

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