Speaking of beautiful photos, people always want to know: what are your favorite beauty products and secrets?

A product that I actually recently purchased that I love [is Fashion Fair foundation]. Something that people don’t know is that I’ve been using Proactiv for over ten years, and I love [it]. I also do something, especially if I have a photo shoot — I dip my face in a bucket of ice water in the morning. It really wakes me up and settles any puffiness.

I know that your calendar is available on your web site in time for Christmas shopping. Will it be available anyplace else?

Now it’s at MistyCopeland.com, and it can be shipped anywhere in the world.

[Editor’s note: It is also available in limited supplies at Alva’s, in San Pedro, California where Misty is from.]

As it is the holiday season, what do you want for Christmas and what are you looking forward to?

I’m not huge on gifts. I’m just hoping to keep healthy and strong. I’m looking forward to the new year, because I think there are a lot of great things to come.

Do you have plans for future projects to further extend your creativity?

As of now my career is my number one focus. I’m nowhere near the level of accomplishment that I want to reach in the classical ballet world. But, something that I am also so passionate about, and hope to continue to grow in, is a mentorship program. I have very little time to focus on the girls that I mentor, but I do have a close circle of girls that I’m hands on with.

[I’d like to] be able to create a foundation of some sort to help a larger group of dancers, especially minority dancers.

You can find Misty Copeland’s 2013 calendar on her web site.

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