Poll: Cory Booker favored by NJ Democrats for Senate run

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Newark mayor Cory Booker would be favored by a majority of Democrats to replace N.J. senator Frank Lautenberg, should he choose not to run for re-election in 2014, according to a new poll.

The Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling firm has found that 48 percent of N.J. Democrats back Booker, which puts him far ahead of potential rivals Rob Andrews and Frank Pallone.

Their poll also showed the 6 in 10 state Democrats would rather see Booker run than the 88-year-old incumbent.

While Lautenberg has yet to announce his intentions for 2014, his spokesman has said “retirement is the last thing on his mind.”

Both Booker and Lautenberg would be favored in the blue state against their likely Republican challenger Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno.

“Democrats will likely hold onto their Senate seat in New Jersey regardless of their 2014 candidate,” said Dean Debnam, PPP’s president.

Booker is said to be also considering a run for governor of New Jersey against popular incumbent Chris Christie. He has delayed an official decision about that race due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.