Defense team releases new photo of Zimmerman’s bloodied face

The defense in the second degree murder case of George Zimmerman has released a color photo showing Zimmerman’s face on the night he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

The photo is not new, but rather is a color version of a photo previously released through the discovery process. The timing of the photo was questioned by sources close to Trayvon Martin’s family, coming on the heels of fundraising efforts by the Zimmerman team, that have included “thank you” cards signed by Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s defense fund is reportedly running low on funds, and his legal team has mounted several efforts to replenish it.

Martin’s attorney, Ben Crump, dismissed the photo release.

“This isn’t a new photo,” Crump told theGrio. “It’s a color version of a photograph we’ve already seen.”

“What we’re waiting to see is an X-Ray showing that he’s got a broken nose,” Crump continued, referring to Zimmerman’s injuries on the night of February 26th. “Right now it’s just an allegation.”

Whether or not Zimmerman’s nose was broken in the confrontation with the Miami teenager before the fatal shooting, Crump reiterated what he and prosecutors have said since the case was filed.

“Like the police said, if George Zimmerman never would have gotten out of his car and pursued Trayvon Martin, there never would have been an interaction between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman,” Crump told theGrio. “Trayvon Martin has a right to defend himself.”

Zimmerman is claiming self-defense in the case.

The photo (below) was posted to Zimmerman’s legal defense website.

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