19-year-old man ends up with black eye and stitches after failed burglary

A would-be burglar picked the wrong house to rob. Oklahoma City Police arrested Jonathan Wise, 19, for burglary. When officers took him into custody, Wise had two black eyes and needed stitches.

Norm Houston, the homeowner, told police he found Wise inside his garage. “I heard a thumbing noise on my garage door,” Houston said. “I swung open my backdoor and somebody was standing there.”

Houston was face to face with Wise. According to Oklahoma City Police, that’s when Wise attacked Houston.

“The burglar started out by apologizing to him for getting into the garage and said he had fixed the damage only to follow that up by punching him in the face,” Sgt. Gary Knight said. That was a mistake.

Houston works as a personal trainer and specializes in boxing and kickboxing. “You know I ain’t the toughest but I can hold my own,” Houston said.