Knicks’ Tyson Chandler aides NYC’s Far Rockaway residents affected by Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which left New York City’s Far Rockaway residents displaced and disconnected, New York Knicks center Tyson Chandler and his wife Kimberly Chandler are doing their part to bring relief and attention to the lives affected by the superstorm.

Through their new organization “Rebound 4 Rockaway/Rebound for New York,” and in collaboration with Hillsong NYC church, the Chandlers donate both their time and resources to help out in the Rockaway section of Queens, NY.

In a video documenting one the couple’s earlier visits to the storm-ravaged area, Kimberly said, “I don’t think people understand the devastation that’s still happening … three weeks after Hurricane Sandy.”

She added, “What’s happening in Far Rockaway is certainly not a quick fix, this is something that’s gonna be ongoing God knows for how long, and we just hope that people will continue to come and support the community and help to rebuild it.”

Speaking on camera, Tyson Chandler said, “I really wanted to be here … I think it’s special as the community is coming together. I just wanted to come and do anything I can possibly do to come and help.”

According to Joe Termini of Hillsong NYC, most of the people living in or around the area “are 200 percent below the poverty line.” With the help of volunteers in the community center, they are helping to provide food, clothing, diapers and cleaning supplies to the residents.

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