Mother and stepfather allegedly beat 7-year-old son to death

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In Las Vegas, Nevada, second grader Roderick “RJ” Arrington, age 7,  was allegedly beaten to death by his mother and stepfather because he didn’t read his Bible and do his homework.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that Arrington was admitted to University Medical Center because he was unresponsive. Medics found the child had multiple bruises and massive brain swelling.

Arrington suffered from strokes, fixed pupils, bruises on his arms stomach, legs, thighs and fresh open wounds on his buttocks.

“The buttocks had fresh open wounds that appeared to be from being whipped,” the doctor reported.

Markiece Palmer first told police that he spanked Arrington twice. Once when he lied, and another time when Arrington said he hated him.

Over time, Palmer reportedly confessed to police that beatings occurred on multiple occasions and with different household items; a spatula, wooden paddle and his hands.

Markiece insisted that his wife, Dina, was present for all of the beatings. Last Tuesday, when Arrington did not wake up, Dina took an hour before calling the police.

The report said when asked about the bruises and scars Arrington’s body, Dina Palmer admitted to police the marks were from “whoopins” from both her and Markiece.

Police found a broken broomstick, belts, cords, spatulas and bloodied clothes in the residence.

Two or three months ago, Arrington moved from Bloomington Virginia, where he lived with his natural father and maternal grandmother, to Las Vegas and met his step father for the first time.

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