Chicago rapper Chief Keef (
Chicago rapper Chief Keef (

The video company that shot a segment with rising Chicago rapper Chief Keef at a gun range a few months ago is now in hot water.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Pitchfork Media has to relinquish the unedited version of the controversial clip depicting Keef shooting rifle rounds off to a judge because its inconclusive if he violated parole at the time.

The legal team from Pitchfork has been very vocal about their displeasure with the request because they believe it violates their First Amendment rights.

Drugs, guns and gangs: How rapper Chief Keef represents bloody Chicago culture

Due to the negative reaction to Keef’s lyrics and inner-city violence that plagues Chicago, Pitchfork originally pulled the gun video in July.

Even though Pitchfork’s Editor-In-Chief released a statement expressing regret, Judge Carl Anthony Walker still felt that this didn’t do anything to verify the time of the video interview.

Pitchfork is required to hand the video over by December 12th.

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