Elle Varner: ‘R&B is like a volcano set to erupt’

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Few artists have had a better 2012 than singer-songwriter Elle Varner.

This year, the 23-year old released her major label debut, Perfectly Imperfect, which was met with positive reviews from music critics, and even managed to snag a Grammy nomination.

She’s even had first lady Michelle Obama endorse her music.

Her easily relatable lyrics about matters of the heart, combined with her unique look and fashion sense, make Varner a much-needed breath of fresh air in what some consider a stale genre.

Even though she’s had individual success, Varner expresses her excitement about some of the newer artists to R&B and what they can collectively accomplish in the genre.

“The current class of R&B is like a volcano set to erupt,” said Elle Varner.

As she wraps up the Chapter 5 tour with Miguel and headliner Trey Songz, the “Refill” singer sat down with theGrio to discuss state of R&B, and what she has learned about herself over the past year.

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