Josh Brent will be present at Jerry Brown’s memorial service

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Dallas Cowboy player Josh Brent was recently arrested for intoxicated manslaughter in the recent death of teammate and friend Jerry Brown. Brent’s other teammates and the family of Jerry Brown are standing behind him in the wake of this recent tragedy.

After he was released on a $500,000 bond, Brent was greeted warmly by his coach, who told the Associated Press that Brent would be present at the private memorial service today.

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Brent will meet the family at the airport and driving with them to the memorial at the request of Brown’s mother Stacey Jackson. Jerry Jones, the owner of the Dallas Cowboys told Dallas radio show  The Fan, 105.3 [KRLD-FM], “Josh is – at Jerry Brown’s mother’s request – she wanted Josh Brent to ride with them.”

“They’re close, so she wanted him to ride with them and ride with them over to the memorial service. So Josh Brent will be at the airport to meet them and then he will ride over to the memorial service with them and sit with them during the service.”

Coach Jason Garett said the team would “support Josh 100 percent in every way that we can.” According to Jones, the family is doing the same.

“[Brown’s mother] wanted to be right with Josh and to express in every way she could how much they loved him and thought of him and didn’t want to have him grieve for his loss as a friend without being included in their family,” said Jones.

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Brown and Brent became friends after playing together at the University of Illinois. When Brown joined the team in October, he began living with Brent. The two were on the way home when the accident happened on Saturday. Jerry Brown was 25 years old.

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