Rapper Rick Ross returned home to Miami and gave an on-air interview with 99 Jamz Felisha Monet to clear up rumors about his cancelled tour dates and personal relationships with other artists.

Last week theGrio reported that Rick Ross allegedly cancelled his North Carolina scheduled show due to death threats from a group called Gangster Disciples.

The alleged gang members claim to have a beef with Ross because of his use of the name of their founder, Larry Hoover, and the street gang’s symbol, the Star of David, on his latest mixtape Black Bar Mitzvah.

Ross is now saying that he did not cancel his tour dates because of the gang, but instead because of bad business from the promoter’s side.

“Anybody that knows about GDs, knows it’s all about growth and development,” Ross said.

The promoter was the one cancelling tours without Ross’ knowledge he adds. Ross felt he had too much power so he decided to shut down the rest of the dates.

He added that he respects Larry Hoover and that’s why he mentions him in some of his songs.

“Mr. Hoover, that’s why I put him in my songs,” Ross said. “I respected his scriptures, his philosophies.”

“I was just in Chicago a week and a half ago,” Ross said. “That’s the birthplace of the GDs and if I go to Chicago to handle my business, like I did, I have no problem going to North Carolina or South Carolina where the ladies are brown skin, brown eyes, they got brown skin and they make the best apple pie. So don’t ever get it twisted, Ricky Ross is a boss!”

According to a 99 Jamz tweet, Ross also announced MMG, Ross’s label, has merged with Atlantic Records. This is especially surprising because Young Jeezy has an excutive A&R role within Atlantic Records and Jeezy and Ross have recently been in the news because of beef that Ross spoke about during the interview.

“This is nothing personal to me,” Ross said. “At the BET Awards it basically just boiled down to me running across Young Jeezy, he had five security guards in front of him, five police officers behind him and we crossed paths I said ‘what’s up?’ soon as he said ‘what’s up?’ I tried to choke him. His security guards hemmed me up; whoever the big black dude with the bumps on his face, he should give that dude something special for Christmas.”

Ross also had choice words for rapper 50 Cent.

“I’m a hands on type dude,” Ross said. “I’m better with my hands than I am at making music. So it’s not personal but if I see Young Jeezy again will I try to choke him? I don’t know that’s an option. If I see 50 Cent, is it personal? Not at all but it’s an option.”

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