Rapper Wiz Khalifa (The Source)

Rapper Wiz Khalifa released his sophomore album O.N.I.F.C. last week, and today celebrates a day that will forever be his own in his hometown of Pittsburgh, according to The Source.

Khalifa was in his hometown yesterday morning to hear the announcement from Councilman Bill Peduto after Khalifa’s grandfather originally made the request.

Peduto made it official that December 12 in Pittsburgh is now “Wiz Khalifa Day” and the Taylor Gang leader is now an ambassador for the city.

Khalifa was joined by his family to accept the news and said he is proud to be from Pittsburgh. He brags about being from the city to everyone and he still doesn’t feel like he’s accomplished much yet.

“I just feel like when I change people’s lives with my music, that’s the start,” Khalifa said. “But when I start doing it with other things, then that’s when it’ll get bigger and better, so this is just the beginning.”

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