PostScript'd book list
PostScript'd book list. (Image: PostScript'd)

The Mayans predicted that the world will end on December 21st. There have been several events leading up to that date that have quite a few people wondering if they are right.

Hurricane Sandy and the havoc she created from the gas shortage to the water shortage to the lack of electricity, and the shared panic, gave us a glimpse.

But this week, we’re featuring books that will show you what an end-of-the-world might really look like. In Life As We Knew It, the earth is devastated when the moon is knocked off its axis and falls toward earth destroying the climate.

If severe weather is not what you see in the stars, how about a deadly virus that turns the population into nocturnal blood suckers found in The Fall.

For more adventurous end-times reading, we have World War Z, which features a fight to the end against the undead.

Our No. 1 this week is Blindness. It shows the chilling reality of how human beings respond in a crisis.

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