Save money with these last-minute gift ideas

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From Christmas is quickly approaching and there aren’t too many days left to find that perfect gift at the perfect price. We know all to well how life can become very chaotic with trying to juggle work and family responsibilities. This can drive many of us to last-minute Christmas shopping, which can be very costly. You are more likely to purchase on impulse when shopping a week or less before Christmas. Impulse buys can lead you into a financial crisis. This is why many people decide to go on a spending hiatus for the month of January. Consider these helpful tips to take with you while shopping these final days leading up to Christmas.

Seek Out Free Gifts With Purchase Items. For example, most cologne/perfume purchases made at department stores during the holiday season will throw in a free gift, such as a tote bag or fragrance set. This gives you two gifts for the price of one. Use the free gift to give to another family member or even your child’s school teacher to help you stay within your Christmas budget.

Pay Cash. Keep your credit cards at home to help avoid overspending. Companies purposely configure and display their merchandise in a way that will cause most people to get sucked into buying more. Keep in mind, most impulse buys are made while standing in line waiting to pay for your purchases. Always remain focused and keep as much money as you can in your pocket!

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