It’s holiday party season, which for many of us adds to the anxiety of an already hectic time of year. With a calendar crammed with commitments, not to mention racing to meet end of year goals at work, the many opportunities to party can feel like yet another obligation. Then there’s what to wear. Between the annual office Christmas party, your family dinner fete, and solidifying New Year’s plans, pulling together a celebratory look can be daunting.

Style Expert Daisy Lewellyn says take a deep breath and do like Madonna says: Celebrate! “You have to figure out what to wear that you can celebrate in,” Lewellyn explains, citing discomfort as the biggest fashion don’t.

“She’s tugging and pulling; her boob’s popping out,” she describes the familiar scene of a woman in a dress that doesn’t quite fit. “She’s walking in the parking lot with a ball gown on and bare feet [because her shoes hurt].”

Bottom line? “You’ve gotta wear something that you feel comfortable in,” Lewellyn says. With comfort in mind, there are a plethora of affordable fashion trends to choose from.

Stylist and personal style coach Steffany Allen says the season’s trends of lace and tuxedo-inspired looks (these for men and women) are perfect for the holidays.

Lewellyn also puts classic sequins, jewel tones, and seasonal supple leathers at the top of her holiday season style list. The fashion guru is particularly privy to leather. “Leather has been revolutionized,” she gushes. “It’s got stretch and it’s got color.” And it doesn’t have to bust your budget.

Lewellyn, who authored the shopping guide Never Pay Retail Again, recommends hitting up discount retailers for high-end designer pieces and trendy items.

Allen says, shop your closet.

“Ladies, consider that little black dress that’s tucked away in the closet,” Allen continues, adding, “Invest in a fab metallic shoe, a bold statement necklace and a great cocktail ring.”

For the gents, “I’d suggest investing in a well fitted and well made sports jacket,” Allen elaborates. “Keep the color simple, such as black, deep navy or charcoal grey, so it will compliment items that are already in the wardrobe. Mix it up with different colored and patterned ties and pocket squares for a more polished look.”

For more great holiday style selections, check out our style guide above featuring black designers. These fab garments have that little bit of added sparkle or glam for the perfect festive touch.

Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond is a fashion blogger and the author of  ‘Powder Necklace.’ Follow Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond on Twitter at @nanaekua.