Marion Barry: DC police need to 'get in the gym, go on a diet'

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Former Washington DC mayor and current Democratic council member Marion Barry is not exactly diplomatic when it comes to expressing his feelings.

In April, he called the Asian businesses in his ward “dirty” and insulted Filipino nurses and teachers.

When he tried to step back from his statements, he found a way to insult Polish people.

He has called D.C. Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Barbara Lang a “traitor” and compared DC Council Chairman Phil Mendelson to “white southerners who opposed the public accommodation bill and the Civil Rights Act.”

Now Barry is taking shots at Washington DC police officers.

Get in the gym, go on a diet,” he said, according to the news radio station, WJLA-TV/ABC7.

Barry has allegedly called on MPD Chief Cathy Lanier “to start a rigorous training program for these police officers to get in shape, because these guys will outrun you every time.”

Lanier late said that Barry’s remarks were an insult to officers who put their lives on the line for the safety of Washington D.C. residents.

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