Guns collected in Camden buy back program (Associated Press)

Gun owners in Camden, New Jersey, one of the most dangerous cities in America, turned over an alarming 1,137 firearms this weekend, according to

The people of Camden were so touched by the tragedy stemming from the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that the guns were handed over on last Friday and Saturday at two churches in the the town in conjunction with the buy back program.

“We heard that there were a number of gun owners on Saturday who had publicly said, in light of the situation that had just occurred in Connecticut, they wanted to turn in their weapons,” Paul Loriquet, a spokesman for the Camden police, said in an interview.

The firearms that were handed over include rifles, shotguns, pistols and sawed-off shotguns.

Camden Police Chief Scott Thomson said that 504 long guns and 533 shotguns turned over were operable, some 90 percent.

County residents were able to turn over up to three firearms, no questions asked. Gun owners could receive up to $250 per gun.

Last year, 57 guns were turned over during the city-sponsored program.

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