A 9-year-old girl was pinned under a car in her Brooklyn neighborhood Wednesday night after a three-car accident forced one vehicle to jump onto the sidewalk.

Seven good Samaritans joined together to lift the car off of the little girl.

Tawaiian Holmes was riding her scooter while her mom was walking home in their Brownsville neighborhood.  While walking, a livery cab struck a sedan and an SUV at Livonia and Rockaway avenues, at which point the sedan was pushed onto the sidewalk and struck Holmes, reports the New York Post.

About seven men ran out of a nearby business when they heard the crash.  Arthur Lane, 41, was one of the heroes involved.  “She was conscious. She was just looking up at us saying, ‘Please get this car off of me,'” Lane said.

“On the second lift, the mother slid her out from under the car,” Keith Anderson, 51, one of the helpers stated.

E-Zara Paul, the fourth grader’s mother, “I think the men who helped are awesome.”  Adding, “I thank God they were there because she could have died. She was pinned under the car from her neck to her toes.”

Six victims total were taken to area hospitals. Police said the driver of the livery cab was arrested and charges are pending.

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