Any new job offers?

Not yet. I would like to stay in the news business, and if there’s a bigger plan for me, I’d like to follow that. My immediate goal is to continue being a meteorologist. That’s what I went to school twice for.

Was it all worth it in the end? After all that has happened, are you happy that you responded to the Facebook comment?

I always tell people, I would never change a key stroke. I wouldn’t even think twice about what I said, and it’s not just because I feel I have some axe to grind or something more sinister in mind. I just really felt that the guy had a question or an issue and I addressed it. It was plain and simple and he was educated at the end. I think that was an element that kind of got left out a little bit.

People said, “Why bother to respond?” Because that guy apologized and he said he was sorry. He said he will try to think before types again, and I’m all for that. Education happened, and I’m all for that. By burying your head in the sand, then education does not happen.

I think so far, mission accomplished, but I have a long way to go.

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