Angel Haze slams Azealia Banks on new diss track

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Aside from being a fresh face to hip-hop and a part time fashion model, Harlem emcee Azealia Banks is also known for her Twitter spats.

She’s beefed with Jim Jones, over who coined the term Vamp Life, questioned Lil Kim’s skills as a rapper, and even called T.I. a snitch.

However, she may have met her match with fellow female rapper Angel Haze.

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After a string of tweets that ranged from Azealia Banks breaking down the difference between native New Yorkers and transplants to claiming that Haze was jealous of her success, Haze responded back not only through tweets but through song.

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“On The Edge” is Angel Haze’s gut punch of a diss track, where we hear the Detroit rapper slay the “212” artist for 4:27 minutes.

The punchlines are plentiful as Haze taunts Banks on her disappearing hairline, lack of actual music content, and for portraying a high fashion lifestyle she just doesn’t live.

Ouch. Whether any of these lyrics are true is still to be determined, but it’s refreshing to see the competition aspect of battle rap hasn’t left in 2013.

Did Angel Haze do her thing? Click on the diss link below and let us know what you think in the comments.

On The Edge — Angel Haze

Update: Not long after Angel Haze’s diss made its rounds on the internet, Azealia Banks counter punched by releasing her very own diss track titled “No Problems.” Check out the link below and let us know who won round 1.

No Problems –– Azealia Banks

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