R. Kelly records tribute to Sandy Hook shooting victims

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R. Kelly recently released a tribute song for the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre.

The horrific mass shooting on December 14th claimed 26 lives, including 20 children, and shook the nation.

The tragedy in Newtown, CT inspired singer-songwriter R. Kelly to record a song in an effort to pay tribute to the young students who were killed.

The gospel song “I Know You Are Hurting” features a choir of children, and while Kelly wrote the song, he doesn’t actually sing. He does, however, speak over the music at some points.

The choir sings: “I know you’re hurting, I hear you crying, but come tomorrow, there’s a place you can go. Find the blue skies, hear the choir sing, feel the power, of a miracle, miracle.”

You can listen to the track above from YouTube, and you can also purchase the song on iTunes.

All the proceeds are going to help support the families of the victims.

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