Highlights from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show kickoff

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From Madame Noire Business:

The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway in Las Vegas and already new products and launches have made waves. If you’ve been considering a LG vs Samsung TV – this is the conference to check out and learn from! Companies including Samsung, Lenovo, Intel, Ford, Toyota, and more are at the event, touting new innovations and technologies.

Rumors were rampant about what to expect at CES this year: smart appliances, including TVs and refrigerators; new technologies for mobile phones; and in-car apps and technology. And this year’s press day on Monday, prior to CES’s launch on Tuesday, didn’t disappoint.

Intel hosted a press conference on Monday, showing its roadmap for PCs through 2014. The company highlighted how its “Haswell” chips will make devices thinner and smarter going forward, demonstrated a tabletop touch-screen device, and announced a microprocessor for tablets.

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