It’s only been five days since Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant joined Twitter, but he already has amassed nearly 700,000 followers.

Bryant, who is 34 games into his seventeenth season in the NBA, is shedding the “antisocial” tag that has followed him throughout his career.

Ask Bryant himself.

His first tweet acknowledged a shift in Bryant’s new philosophy:

The once private Bryant is now letting fans and critics into his personal life. Bryant’s been active on Facebook for a while, but for athletes, Twitter is often more quoted and discussed by members of the sports media.

Now Bryant’s a willing participant.

Twitter has been around since 2006 and popular with athletes across sports for years voicing their opinions of sport, media and their personal life.

Bryant’s chosen to join in what seems like an attempt to come across both more personable and closer to his fans.

He’s been sending good luck and congratulations tweets to athletes like Robert Griffin III and Ray Lewis. He’s even showed a sense of humor, recently making light of a rumored physical confrontation between him and Lakers center Dwight Howard:

Bryant’s latest tweet may be the most exemplary of how he’s trying to come across as more personable. He tweeted out a picture of his wife Vanessa along with a good night message.

Keep the tweets coming Kobe.

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