Teachers taking aim post Newtown shooting

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(WPTV) – In the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut school shooting tragedy and talk of the possible tightening of gun laws, more Palm Beach County, Florida teachers are signing up to potentially ‘pack heat.’

On Wednesday night, a number of local teachers picked up a weapon for the first time. At the Palm Beach Shooting Center in Lake Worth, those educators were doing it for free.

“What better time than when they are offering it to teachers,” said ‘Michelle,’ a Palm Beach County elementary school teacher who did not want to reveal her full name. She said she was ready to pull the trigger for the very first time.

“I don’t feel like I’m in any threat or any danger, but it just seems like I think everyone should know how to do,” she said.

‘Michelle’ is not alone. Joe Rice is one of the managers at the Palm Beach Shooting Center, which is offering concealed weapons classes – usually $75 – for free to teachers who flash their school I.D. cards.

Dan Corcoran, WTPV reporting