On Saturday’s Melissa Harris Perry, Melissa and her panel: Columbia University professor Dorian Warren, Haitian Times founder Garry Pierre Pierre, Tatiana Way, director of Haiti programs for Columbia University’s Earth Institute, and former Associated Press Haiti correspondent Jonathan Katz discussed the ongoing effort in Haiti to recover from a devastating earthquake three years ago to the day.

The group discussed the challenges the island nation continues to face, including some neighborhoods that still lack electricity, and thousands still living in tent cities. And the group discussed how foreign aid has helped — or failed to help — Haiti’s recovery.

During the show, Melissa also told the story of Melisna Robert, a Haitian farmer who is helping to feed her nation, which is still struggling to overcome the devastating effects of an earth quake three years ago.

Robert, a 46-year-old mother of three, is one of many Women in Haiti who are rebuilding their lives and the lives of their communities, often with little external aid, and no access to things like low interest loans to help get them back on their feet.

WATCH: Melisna Robert, “foot soldier” in Haiti:

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