Azeaila Banks confirms new track with Beyoncé

Last week Azealia Banks was in the news for a Twitter beef and subsequent diss track she released aimed at fellow female rapper Angel Haze.

During a recent interview with the clothing brand ASOS, the Harlem emcee attempted to do a bit of damage control on her image by revealing that weeks ago she collaborated with Beyoncé on a new track for her upcoming album.

“I actually did something for her record in Miami a couple weeks ago. I really didn’t want to say it because I didn’t want to jinx it. You know how that sh*t goes. It’s like, once you do someone’s on someone’s record, you just have to wait,” said Banks. “If they want to use it, they use it. Even the fact that I was considered to rap on a Beyoncé track….”

During an interview published in the upcoming issue of GQ magazine, Beyoncé opens up about her new album and reveals that she joined forces with Pharell, Justin Timberlake and Timberland for her upcoming project.

“I’ve been working with Pharrell and Timbaland and Justin Timberlake and Dream,” Beyoncé said. “We all started in the ’90s, when R&B was the most important genre, and we all kind of want that back: the feeling that music gave us.”

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