Chicago PD: Officers shot at Chief Keef after he pointed gun at them in 2011

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According to recently-released police reports, Chicago police officers fired at Chief Keef after he pointed a gun at them in December of 2011.

Just before noon on December 2, 2011, Chicago police responded to a call about shots fired, reports  Upon arriving, the officers spotted Keith Cozart, aka Chief Keef, walking out of a nearby apartment building where his grandmother lives.

Police attempted to stop him, but the “Don’t Like” rapper flashed a blue-steel handgun and took off running through a vacant lot. A chase ensued, and officers “discharged their weapons” but missed. A half-block later, Chief Keef was caught and taken to the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center.

At the time of the incident the rapper was 16 years old, and has since been on probation.

Chief Keef is expected to return to court soon, on allegations the rapper violated his parole by taking part in firing weapons at a New York City gun range.

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