theGrio’s 100: Amos Winbush III, the bowtie-wearing musician turned techie

theGRIO's 100 - The budding musician was so frustrated after losing everything when his iPhone crashed in 2008, he was then inspired to create CyberSynchs,..

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Who is Amos Winbush III?

Losing contacts and critical files after your mobile device is stolen or broken is something that entrepreneur Amos Winbush III never wants to experience again. The budding musician was so frustrated after losing everything when his iPhone crashed in 2008, he was then inspired to create CyberSynchs, a company that specializes in universal data synchronization and transfer.  This data synchronization program allows consumers to seamlessly sync data between their mobile device and computer. With only $250 in his pocket to launch the company, the 29-year-old’s start up eventually grew in popularity, leading to partnerships with tech juggernauts Sun Microsystems, Samsung and Microsoft BizSpark.

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

Winbush’s perseverance and ability to market his tech company to the top has made him an all-star in the business tech world. Winbush started out pursuing music, following in the footsteps of his  father, a musician for the Commodores. Winbush even landed a record deal in 2007 for the Euro-pop single, “Babylon of the Orient.” Winbush, in his LinkedIn profile, says he views today’s world of technology as an “ecosystem supporting innovation and valuing disruptors.” His risk-taking both in business and even in fashion, makes him a unique entrepreneur with bold, new ideas.

“I wasn’t the cookie-cutter technology CEO,” he told The Network Journal in an interview. “I had to fight for the company to show that I could manage a tech company and do it well.”

Today, CyberSynchs has evolved into a billion dollar business with major license partnerships across Africa, Latin America and Australia supporting over 255 million users. The New York City native was also recognized as Black Enterprise’s Innovator of the Year for 2010 and Entrepreneur magazine’s “100 Brilliant Companies” for 2010.

What’s next for Winbush?

Winbush continues to lead CyberSynchs and increase their market share through agreements with mobile phone, smart phone and digital camera manufacturers.

He is also  in the process of  launching a new reality show on Viacom this coming October called The Startup Project, a show that will search for ten local entrepreneurs with great business ideas and eventually release ten new companies globally.

“I want to scour the country and find other inspiring entrepreneurs. We’re going to find ten of the brightest and best entrepreneurs in the industry and bring them back to New York City to develop their companies,” Winbush told theGrio. “When I first started out with CyberSynchs, somebody took a chance on me, I want to be that for someone else.”

Winbush is also writing an entrepreneurial self-help book titled Startup project, Volume 1 which be released in April or March 2014.

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