Gregory Lowe, SongBooth app developer (Courtesy Lowekey Media website)

Who is Gregory Lowe?

Gregory Lowe is a young tech entrepreneur and iPhone application designer.  He is the CEO of Lowekey Media, a mobile technology agency that uses digital thinking to reach a multicultural audience.

Lowe is known for designing music-based apps.  In 2009, Lowe developed the award-winning iPhone app iFLYPT.  The innovative app allowed iPhone users to personalize and remix music on their phones.

In order to create a successful app, Lowe negotiated with Sony, Warner, Universal, and EMI record labels, and fellow music publishers, Sony/ATV, Warner-Chappell, Universal, and EMI, to obtain licensing deals.  These deals proved vital to his apps success, enabling iFLYPT to offer millions of songs to each user.

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

This past December, Lowe released his second iPhone app called SongBooth. In a free iTunes preview video Lowe describes the app as “a talent show over your mobile phone.”  During the preview, Lowe sits with a panel that led by Andrew Simon, senior editor of Fast Company magazine, and includes Chuck Creekmur, CEO of, and music artist Miguel and Ryan Beatty to discuss the new SongBooth app.

SongBooth is a social music video making app.  The social network within SongBooth allows users to follow, comment, like, and play music from other users.  Both Miguel and Ryan Beatty agreed this app makes it easier for a young artist to create a music video and upload it straight to the Internet from their iPhones.

“It’s a great step forward for creative individuals,” Miguel said during the panel.  “It’s an amazingly simple and intuitive application.”

What’s next for Lowe?

Having recently launched the SongBooth iPhone app, the CEO of Lowekey Media will be busy this fall running the app’s first global contest, Project SongBooth.  The contest, as described by Miguel, is a “real opportunity for amazing talent to create not only a fan-base but a business out of their talent.”  Users of the app can submit videos, and the artist who submits the most liked video will receive a single deal from Sony.  Project SongBooth will take place in March; the winner will be announced in August.

“If there is one thought I could share with my generation, it is that technology is here to serve us and make life better for all of us,” Lowe’s personal statement reads. “The more we study and embrace it the less abstract it becomes.”

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