Ibrahim Abdul-Matin (Photo: Lila Garnett)

Who is Ibrahim Abdul-Matin?

Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, 36, is the author of Green Deen: What Islam Teaches About Protecting The Planet. He is a former adviser to New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg specializing in the field of environmental sustainability. Abdul-Matin also played linebacker for the University of Rhode Island football team.

A sports contributor for the radio show The Takeaway, Abdul-Matin tackles issues such as sports, politics, religion and environment.

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

Abdul-Matin’s contributions to the environmental world landed him on theGrio’s 100. The focal point of his book merges his love of Islamic culture with principles that preserve nature’s harmony.

On his blog, Ibrahim Abdul-Matin stated:

I was inspired to become a steward of the Earth when my father took me from the concrete jungle that is Brooklyn to Bear Mountain, a hiker’s paradise. I was five years old. I recall moss growing on rocks, mushrooms on rotting wood, and a freshness in the air. When it was time for the afternoon prayer, my father stopped to pray. I was used to praying at home or praying in a mosque. That day, my father told me, ‘The Earth is a Mosque. You can pray anywhere.’ From that moment on, I knew, if I could pray anywhere, then everywhere was sacred. It was my duty to protect the planet, to be a steward of the Earth.

“Deen” means belief, creed, path or way in Arabic. Christianity is a Deen. Judaism is a Deen. Buddhism is a Deen. A “Green Deen” is the choice to practice your religion while affirming the synergies between faith and the environment.

What’s next for Abdul-Matin?

Abdul-Matin made 2012 a benchmark year as he continued to spread his green message and its place within Islam.

He is a consultant for The Frontier Project, a company that specializes in innovation for large organizations.  We look for this trailblazer to have a sensational 2013.

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