theGrio’s 100: Kiante Young, the sneaker king and marketing mogul

Who is Kiante Young?

Young and Doin’It is the title of this entrepreneur’s marketing firm and magazine and it also pretty much sums up the 32-year old’s business career. Kiante Young is trying to do it all from writing, publishing, public relations, fashion and even music. Initially, Young and Doin’It started out as a cable television show back in 2003, but the brand has now evolved into Young’s premier marketing firm and urban magazine.

Through fashion segments in his magazine, the Vegas native has since refashioned himself as “The Sneaker Mann.” Young travels across the country to find out what’s hot in the sneaker industry. According to his LinkedIn page, Young has appeared in more than 250 morning show programs as an on-air stylist, highlighting the latest styles and trends in sneakers.

“Sneakers are the only item of clothing that have a huge international following,” Young told Urbanfollowing. “Think about it, there are tons of sneaker websites and blogs while other fashion items such as women’s shoes, pants, ties, shirts, coats even women’s bags can’t boast that amount.”

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

A master networker, Young’s reputation as a ‘marketing genius’ came after making powerful connections within the music and corporate world. Through his magazine, Young has had the opportunity to interview celebrities such as  LL Cool J, Damon Dash and Fat Joe. His marketing firm has also successfully helped corporations get exposure to a younger and current demographic. His clientele list includes companies such as the Knicks, Foot Locker and Coca-Cola.

Young has won several awards in regards to his entrepreneurial savvy and ambitious projects such as the “Fleet Young Entrepreneurs Award” for three years in a row starting in 2003, as well as the “Oppenheimer Funds Social Entrepreneur of the Year”  in 2006.

What’s next for Young?

“My goal is to secure a reality show that follows me as I travel America. Hopefully in five years my show will be on its fourth season. Also, I am developing a restaurant franchise,” Young told the Network Journal in 2011.

While he hasn’t landed any reality show contracts yet, Young continues making his rounds in the media circuit – sharing his love of sneakers and inspiring other urban youth to become business leaders.

He is currently working on a memoir called Fishing with a Shoe String about his experiences traveling across the U.S. for the past seven years. In addition, Young has been working with American Apparel doing promotional and urban marketing.

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