Pint-size Oscar nominee Quvenzhané Wallis gave fans a little hint on what she might wear to the Academy Awards in a new interview with fashion guru André Leon Talley.

Or should we say, what she won’t wear.

The former America’s Next Top Model judge and Vogue editor asked the young actress what she plans on wearing down the red carpet next month.

“I just want to know, what are you thinking about fashion? Because I read online that you did not want to wear a long dress,” asks the Vogue editor.

“Cus I might step on it and trip on it and I don’t want to humiliate myself!” Wallis exclaims.

Wallis also reveals to Talley that her favorite color is pink and proceeds to bust out singing to “Fashion is my Kryptonite” by Disney Channel stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman.

But the one thing that the bubbly child actress, who has never even seen an Oscars telecast, is looking forward to are the after-party festivities.

“I just like partying!” Wallis says with a toothy grin.

The 9-year old became the youngest best actress nominee in history for her leading role as Hushpuppy in the acclaimed indie film Beasts of the Southern Wild. But the budding star has said numerous times in previous interviews that her rise to fame isn’t getting to her head.

“I’m just normal,” she said in an interview with Associated Press. “I’m just this girl who always fights with her brothers, like normal, always tackles the big dog that’s always in the house, like normal.”

While Wallis is still unsure of what she will don at the Oscars, the young star is already making her own unique mark in the fashion world.

From a bold cheetah-print dress with matching cheetah shoes to a purse that looks like a puppy, whatever the young star decides to wear will be sure turn heads.

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