Lance Armstrong and Oprah during interview on OWN. Photo/Courtesy of OWN and Harpo Studios, Inc., George Burns)

Last night Oprah’s highly-anticipated interview with Lance Armstrong made good on all the media hype it was receiving days prior to airing.

The interview, which Winfrey has called the most important of her television career, became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter just moments after it started.

Winfrey was faced with the challenge of delivering a hard-hitting interview on a subject matter that is somewhat out of her wheelhouse. According to David Bauder from the Associated Press, “she needed to get in the weeds of technical material involving drugs, investigations and a huge cast of characters and accusations. Yet it was important not to get lost in those weeds, to keep sight of the human element.”

Today, Winfrey’s interview has been met with overwhelming approval from her critics, but also celebrities have turned to Twitter to chime in on Armstrong’s tell-all moment.

Actor/comedian Tom Arnold said it best: “A lot of sports journalists were questioning if Oprah had what it takes to thoroughly interview Lance Armstrong. The woman is shredding him,” he tweeted.

Oprah has been on an uphill battles to build ratings for OWN since launching the network in January 2011. In an attempt to gain more viewers, Oprah introduced her prime-time series Oprah’s Next Chapter, in early 2012.

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