Blackberry 10 (
Blackberry 10 (

From DFragg – Rim’s Blackberry smartphone traditionally were seen as a one stop shop for corporate and enterprise emails that are vital to business executives.

However, as the years rolled by other smartphones, particularly Android and iOS devices, began to offer support in these same areas while also pushing innovation, design and a multimedia centric experience. Rim continued to be plagued with an uphill battle to remain relevant in the smartphone era of touchscreen keyboards and mobile apps. Rim’s focus was to continuously obsess with improving battery performance and network carrier strength which overshadowed research, development and smartphone innovation.

However, they have a new smartphone and OS Blackberry 10 launch which has consumers,analysts, and everyone else’s eyes glued to their movements to see if they can be the comeback kids.

Blackberry 10 is Rim’s latest OS or software which will run on their new Blackberry z10 and future smartphones. Think of it as Blackberry 10 is what iOS is to your iPhone or iPad device. Here are some of the new features.

  • New Blackberry App World – A one stop hub to download  apps, games, music, videos, books, magazines and more.
  • BlackBerry Balance – Allows you to separate your business and personal phone content while allowing both to remain conveniently accessible.
  • Blackberry Browser – New browser with optimized performance for html5 and other web content. BlackBerry’s new gestures allow you to send links right from the browser etc.
  • Camera with Time Shift – Rollback moments from taking a snap to find the perfect take from multiple shots.
  • BlackBerry Keyboard – A touchscreen keyboard is now the new BlackBerry keyboard.
  • Blackberry Hub – A one stop shop for all of your social correspondence in one place (emails,texts and social media).

On January 30th, Rim plans to hold a press conference which will announce their Blackberry 10 flagship smartphone conveniently titled the Blackberry z10.

The Blackberry z10 is rumored to be armed with a 4.2-inch HD display, 16GB of internal storage, an 8-megapixel rear camera, 2GB of RAM, NFC, 4G LTE and an 1,800 mAh battery.

Check out the video below via Telekom Presse which shows Blackberry z10 (running beta “testing” software) going head to head with the iPhone 5.

Do you think Rim’s Blackberry z10 phone will be able to make a comeback? Or are you too attached to your Android or iPhone?