Mayor Cory Booker (City of Newark, New Jersey) speaks at the Tech:Crunch Disrupt SF 2012 Conference on September 10, 2012 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by C Flanigan/Getty Images)

After ABC Eyewitness News reporter Toni Yates tweeted a message to Newark mayor Cory Booker about residents leaving their dogs out in the cold, he took action.

Booker arrived on the scene to see the dog shaking outside its home.

“This is brutal weather, this dog is shaking really bad and you just can’t leave your dogs out here on a day like this and go away and expect them to be OK,” the Booker told ABC. “Hypothermia on any animal including a human animal will set in pretty quickly. So this is very sad, you can just feel the dog shaking pretty badly.”

Booker carried the freezing dog to a police car for warmth.

The out-of-town owners of the dog were contacted by the mayor and said they did not know their dog had gotten out of the house.

Click here to watch the video of Mayor Booker on Eyewitness News.