As you watch video from a Dearborn Heights, Michigan car dealership, keep your eyes on the woman at the center of the screen.

She arrived at the dealership on foot, but she rolled out in a luxury vehicle and never looked back.

“She goes, ‘Ah … I’m here to see the Range Rover,’ I go, ‘Which one?’ She says, ‘The silver one.’ And I’m like, ‘OK’ … she says, ‘Thanks babe,’ and walks out,” said owner, Wes Issa.

At Wes Financial Auto there is absolutely no test drives unless three pieces of ID are shown up front. It was busy there on Tuesday night and Issa says the woman was going from one sales person to another, trying to distract them, and it worked.

“The other sales guy handed her the key thinking that I already took the license from her and her IDs,” said Issa.