Mixtape review: Pusha T goes biblical on 'Wrath Of Caine'

After weeks of promotion, the bully of G.O.O.D. music, Pusha T released his highly anticipated mixtape, Wrath of Caine.

The 11-track offering features guest appearances from Maybach Music Group members, Rick Ross, Wale, and French Montana as well as production from Young Chop, The Neptunes, Jake-One, Harry Fraud and others.

The mixtape will prelude My Name is my Name, Pusha’s debut solo effort which is set to be released later this year.

Following the leaks of well received tracks like “Blocka”, “Millions”, and “Only You Can Tell It”, King Push delivers exactly what hip-hop purists value; lyrical content. He uses his gritty rap style to depict both his past street life and current experiences as a G.O.O.D. music artist. Wrath of Caine has a recurring Reggae influence throughout the mixtape that adds a nice touch.

In an interview with Miss Info, Pusha spoke on Wrath of Caine saying, “I’m trying to make music and recreate that energy that is missing in hip-hop”.

After being included on the Coachella 2013 lineup, he appears set to have a big year.

 Strongest Record:Blocka”

Although this record was previously released, there is no denying the successful combination of Pusha’s wordplay and the reggae-inspired production by Young Chop.

 Disappointment: “Revolution”

Explanation: If you’re anything like me, as soon as you see the production duo, The Neptunes, on a tracklist, your ears perk up. However this track is only simply a disappointment. Teasing fans with 1 minute and 43 seconds of production, let’s hope there’s a longer version of this track on the commercial album.

Best Lines: There’s a meaning to the kissing of the ring/ The gods don’t mingle with the mortals/ Peasants ain’t sitting with the kings/ Goliath ain’t worried ‘bout your sling/ And Cassius ain’t bothered by your swings

Explanation: On “Doesn’t Matter” Pusha uses powerful imagery to describe his current situation in the rap game. Amidst his recent feud with Lil Wayne and Cash Money records as whole, he cleverly annihilates his competition.

Conclusion Though it is a dope project that will definitely be in the rotation for a few weeks, Wrath of Caine doesn’t do much more than remind us that Pusha T is who we thought he was. Pusha delivers countless bars over high production beats, but we still wonder if Pusha will develop into a complete artist and not just a great lyricist.

With a solid project in the streets, he now has good momentum approaching his 2013 solo debut .

Grade: 8/10

 Chaz L. Dawson is a Brooklyn-based freelance writer who specializes in music, fitness, and fashion. He is co-editor of itstheratpack.com and can be contacted on Twitter @MVPCHEI