Robin Roberts
Robin Roberts is seen leaving ABC Studios in New York City this morning in high spirits as she continues to recover following her recent bone marrow transplant. The GMA co-host headed to the aiport to head to this weekend's Super Bowl XLVII in New Orleans. Mandatory Credit: Roger Wong/ Ref.: infusny-146

Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts spent some time earlier today at ABC, and looked to be in great shape and in even better spirits as she left the studios. Roberts has been on medical leave since last August, and underwent a bone marrow transplant in September after being diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome in June.

“MDS or myelodysplastic syndrome” is “a disease of the blood and bone marrow and was once known as preleukemia,” Roberts explained to the public when she first revealed her condition.

Roberts’ treatment has included a week of chemotherapy targeting her diseased bone marrow followed by a bone marrow transplant using cells donated by her sister.

According to her doctor, it is normal for it to take “weeks to months” for the transplanted marrow cells to properly integrate into the body, provided that Robert’s body does not reject them, Dr. Gail Roboz said on Good Morning America.

Many are speculating that her trips to the GMA set in recent days are a sign that Roberts is not only on a solid road to recovery; people are hoping that her return to her co-host position on the popular morning show will be imminent — and possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Local New Orleans web site has delivered this scoop, stating: “ABC is promoting Friday’s (Feb. 1) ‘Good Morning America,’ which will also feature a Super Bowl 2013 concert at the House of Blues by Tim McGraw, as Robin Roberts’ ‘homecoming.’”

According to the same source, Good Morning America has countered these rumors by insisting that Roberts’ trip is personal only, her intention being “to spend some private time with family and friends.”

But, the fact that she will be in New Orleans, where the Super Bowl will take place this Sunday, cannot be denied. Roberts and her GMA family have been tweeting about the expedition.

According to

Thursday on Twitter, Roberts and “Good Morning America” colleagues Josh Elliott and Sam Champion tracked their #RoadTripWithRobin in a series of dispatches:

Sam Champion ‏‪(@SamChampion):

@JoshElliottABC ‪#Loading the trunk ‪@RobinRoberts and heading to u !! ‪#roadtripwithRobin ‪

Robin Roberts (‏‪@RobinRoberts):

There’s no place like home.. “‪@Cibski: En route with ‪@RobinRoberts…two hours to homecoming! ‪#RoadTripwithRobin”

Josh Elliott ‏‪(@JoshElliottABC):

The ‪@GMA eagles have landed. ‪@RobinRoberts on the Gulf, ‪@SamChampion near colorful beads…everybody wins.

Whether Roberts will be making an appearance on tomorrow’s GMA remains to be seen; yet, the fact that the news anchor feels robust enough to make the trip is in itself a reason to celebrate.

Regardless of what happens, we can remain hopeful that she will be back to work soon.

“The award-winning broadcaster, who survived breast cancer in 2007, has said that she plans to go back on the air next month, but she’ll ‘ultimately listen to what my doctors say and what they recommend,'” reports the Daily Mail.

Roberts has previously stated that she hopes to be back full time in late February.

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