Hall of Fame defensive back and return specialist Deion Sanders made a ‘return’ to the NFL on Super Bowl Sunday. Sanders stars as ‘Leon Sandcastle’ in an ad where he disguises himself as a rookie sensation in order to be drafted again by an NFL team.

It was a commercial perfect for a man known for his speed and showmanship as an NFL corner.

Sanders electrified the NFL as “Prime Time,” during his 14 seasons in the league. The commercial starts with NFL Network commentators Rich Eisen and Michael Irvin heaping praise on today’s rookie class. Irvin notes this generation of rookies is more dominant than any previous time.

The comment ‘hurts’ Sanders pride and he springs into action, donning an afro and participating in workouts to build buzz before draft time.

Sanders is his usual charismatic self despite his hilariously awful disguise. Towards the end of the ad, one scout notes Sandcastle looks like an “ugly Deion Sanders.”

The Kansas City Chiefs (who have the number one pick in real life) draft Sandcastle which leads to an awkward conversation with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

“Have we ever met before?” Goodells asks Sandcastle at the podium.

Sandcastle responds, “I don’t think so.”

The actual NFL Draft takes place in April. No word on whether or not Sanders will reprise his role as Leon Sandcastle.

Or was that “Neon Leon?”

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