'Devil May Cry' reboot leaves you wanting more

REVIEW - 'DmC' is the first entry to the reboot of the classic Capcom action franchise, 'Devil May Cry'...

Luther Vandross was outed as gay after his death.

DmC is the first entry to the reboot of the classic Capcom action franchise,  Devil May Cry.

While fans may be familiar with previous incarnations of Devil May Cry and its protagonist Dante, the half human demon hunter, DmC‘s Dante is a different breed.

Replacing his signature white hair with a jet black close crop cut, the new hipster Dante isn’t human at all. He’s now the offspring of a demon father and angel mother, and along with his twin brother Vergil, must free their dad from demon king Mundus and his minions while avenging their mother at the same time.

New game developer Ninja Theory was given the unfavorable task to improve on a gameplay system that has been mimicked by numerous action titles.

This is a task that they seem to nail while adding a few new wrinkles.

The face buttons are delegated to your sword, Rebellion, and your trusted dual pistols, Ebony and Ivory, but now you can switch between multiple weapons that play on your mixed heritage. Demonic weapons include a heavy scythe that does considerable damage while the angelic weapons are light on impact, but make up for that in hand speed.

In theory, you can create infinite combos with the tools in your arsenal, which makes for an extremely fun gaming experience.

DmC is gorgeous and like Dante, each level embraces its duality. Based in the fictional Limbo City, a peaceful cobble street can abruptly morph into its evil twin complete with demons rising from the ground like flowers as you engage in combat. Visually, DmC is a disastrous treat that shows the psyche of Dante as he balances his innate ying and yang.


DmC is a welcomed reboot to a franchise that wasn’t lacking on action, yet enhances the folklore that started back in 2001.

To transition from one game developer to another is a bold step that worked in Capcom’s favor.

8.5 /10

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