theGrio’s 100: Ty Hunter, Beyoncé’s stylist, bridges high fashion and pop culture

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Who is Ty Hunter?

Houston native Ty Hunter has been styling his superstar client Beyoncé for 16 years. The celebrity fashion expert’s keen eye is behind the red carpet looks and stunning video presentations that have made jaws drop for over a decade. His most notable work in recent weeks was the creation of the sumptuous ensemble Beyoncé wore to sing “The Star-Spangled Banner” during the second inauguration of President Obama. Hunter also helps the singer develop enticing moods through clothing for acclaimed videos, including “Run The World (Girls)” and “Diva.” 

Why is he on theGrio’s 100?

Hunter is not only a fashion visionary picking the best of haute couture designs and small up-and-coming labels for his clients; he also creates pieces himself for his star mannequins. Hunter’s blend of personal creativity and exquisite taste has raised the bar of styling to a high art and enhanced the perception of people of color in the mainstream fashion world. His achievements have been recognized by Harlem’s Fashion Row, an organization dedicated to promoting people of color in fashion, which named Hunter a 2012 honoree.

Hunter’s success proves “that fashion and art are intertwined,” as a recent profile of a Harlem’s Fashion Row event described this evolution of the indusrty. Hunter’s work has contributed to this evolution. There are few stylists who have the most exclusive of fashion’s creators on speed dial to create and loan rare and custom pieces for clients as Hunter does. This demonstrates his industry cachet and significant cultural capital.

What’s next for Hunter?

We can expect Hunter to continue dressing the Knowles sisters, as Beyoncé’s sister Solange also ranks among the high-profile people he works with. Credited with creating her looks for the video “Losing You,” the younger Knowles sister openly acknowledges Hunter’s extensive knowledge of high fashion. “Ty is really good at what he does,” Solange told You can also look out for his continuing work with House of Deréon and Beyoncé on her national tours.

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