'Metal Gear Revengeance' is Raiden's coming out party

Metal Gear Revengeance is an offshoot of the legendary, Metal Gear series. Created by video game icon Hideo Kojima, the 25 year old franchise is responsible for the creation of the stealth action genre where discretion is key in executing covert missions as super soldier, Solid Snake.

This time around, Solid Snake takes a backseat as we get the more ferocious, half human, half machine, Raiden in action. The cyborg ninja doesn’t disappoint.

Set in an alternate future, where rival private military companies (PMCs) fight instead of countries, Raiden is dragged into a conflict where he, and his katana, slash and dash through enemies of all sizes. Your opponents are enhanced by nano technology and other machines that make combat encounters extremely fast.  Armed with just his blade, the cyborg ninja relies on simple and strong attack buttons then is able to use his sword at anytime for seamless and very brutal combat.

For as violent as Revengeance is, bloody may not be a strong enough word. When you enter ‘Precision Cut Mode’, time slows down a la like The Matrix and you have the ability to cut your enemy into literally hundreds of pieces before they hit the ground. It’s addictive and breaks up the monotony that plagues a good portion of button mashers.

If you’re looking for a traditional metal gear game, this isn’t it. You will be disappointed if you’re expecting to be hiding around corners and underneath cardboard boxes. Revengeance gives Raiden and his blades give the player the ability to create chaos. What’s there not to love? It’s different and refreshing for a franchise that’s always been innovative in its genre. Welcome Raiden.



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